Monday, April 12, 2010

Pay yourself first

With a weak economy, and bad economic news via the media, its a great time to learn how to save for your future. This is a good time for an honest self-analysis: What have your saving habits been like in the past year? If it seems like all the money you make falls straight through your fingers, and gets gobbled up by bills and other expenses, think hard about a reasonable amount you could start to view as yet another monthly bill. Could you handle one more $50 bill? How about a $200 bill? Even if you can't handle one more bill, try saving $15 or $20 a month, that’s better than nothing. Start putting that money away for yourself, pronto.

Pay Yourself First - A Guide to Financial Success

Momma Always Said, "Pay Yourself First"


  1. Hey, found you through Blog Frog...great post. It's amazing what we could save just a little bit at a time - sometimes we think it's too insignificant to bother, but it can make a big difference!

    I would add that even before paying yourself first, GIVE first. Don't give because you have to, give because it changes who you are and it opens your heart and your hand to be given back 10 fold. Your life will be much more fulfilling! =]

  2. Melissa, this is so true! If you have access to an employer's 401k and they provide any type of match, that also adds up quickly. AND the matched portion is money you would not be getting if you weren't participating in the 401k.

    Great post!