Monday, March 29, 2010

Seventh Generation Products

As a mom, I am the cook... the house cleaner... the laundry maid... and the shopper! I have been concerned for years about the household products that I use to clean my home. Are all those chemicals doing damage to the environment? What am I putting into the air by using some of these household products, and how do they affect the air my children breath? These are some of the questions I ask myself. I have been wanting to GO GREEN for a long time. As a mother who had a sick child with a compromised immune system, I don't want to put unnecessary chemicals into the air. Some of the online suggestions for natural cleaning products don't necessarily work well for cleaning. Some of the homemade products leave streaks on the windows, and stains on my clothes.
Then, I heard about SEVENTH GENERATION products! As a frugal mom I was sceptical about purchasing some of these products. "I am sure they are expensive" I told myself. Upon doing further research, I was surprised to find out that most all of these products are comparable in price to the products I currently use. Since I was low on TIDE, I decided to order the Natural Laundry Powder online.
I was pleasantly surprised by the product. I am a mother of three active children, and I have a firefighter for a husband. I do a ton of stained clothes! My laundry came out smelling clean, and fresh. As a tip: on some of your more set in stains, make a paste using your Natural Laundry Powder and a little bit of water. Place the paste directly on the stain and rub the fabric lightly. Wash immediately. You will be happy when the stain is out... and you will feel WONDERFUL knowing you are doing your part to save our planet EARTH!

Did you know?
If every household in the U.S. replaced just one box of 48oz petroleum-based powder laundry detergent with seventh generations vegetable-based product we could save 96,000 barrels of oil! That is enough to heat and cool 5,500 U.S. homes for a year! (stats come from seventh generations website)

Natural Powdered Laundry:
Effective in both high-efficiency and standard machines.
Tough on stains and keeps whites and colors bright. Also gentle on your fabrics and the earth. To conserve water, please run full loads

Natural Fabric Softener:
For naturally soft and fluffy laundry. Palm-derived softener makes your laundry naturally fluffy, cuddly, and static-free. Add to your final rinse cycle when machine washing.

The cheapest place I have found online to buy seventh generation natural powdered laundry soap is at Shoplet sell a 112 oz box (which does about 42 full loads) for $13.11 a box, and has free shipping.

You can buy seventh generation products in bulk and individually at Amazon is good about giving you a price per unit breakdown. It's typically $0.12 per ounce for the laundry powder.

GO GREEN! It is our job as MOMS to buy products that will help save the Earth for our children's future.

Look for future posts on other Seventh Generation products!


  1. I just saw an advertisement for greener paper towels and tissues! Scott Naturals. We all trust and use Scott Paper Towels and now we can participate in yet another green decision and use products that are made from recycled products. I can get Scott products at my nearby store and that makes them an easy choice. Go Green!

  2. LOL - we sound like commercials, but its just because I care.