Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make time to workout!

As a working MOMMY I know it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. With all the demands our families can put on us, how can a mom ever find time to fit in a workout?

I tried to workout after work, but my kids and my husband are ready to have mom time, so that hasn't ever worked out well for me. I tried to workout when the kids have gone to bed, but after working all day, I am absolutely exhausted, so my workout's really suffer.

Recently I have started working out in the morning while my family is still warm and cozy in their beds. It's hard sometimes to wake up and run at 5:00am in the morning, but I have found that I have more energy throughout the day when I do my workout's before everyone wakes up! By the time my family has gotten out of bed, I have ran 4 miles, made and packed all the kids lunches, and had my first cup of coffee. I feel focused, and energized!

What makes working out in the morning really great is that I get time to myself, and I don't have to feel guilty about working out while my family is awake. They are none the wiser, and they have a healthy and happy mommy!

So workout before dawn... It does your mind, and body good!!

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