Friday, October 8, 2010

Newest Contributors!!

The Working Mommy would like to introduce you all to two very special people! Kerri Young and Katie Cook!
Kerri Young is my sister in law and she will be adding amazing posts on the great deals, craft ideas, and recipes she has to share with you all. She is a mommy of four beautiful children. Seraya is 7, Kaija is 5, Liam is 3, and baby Calista is 4 months old. She is also a working mommy!
Katie Cook is also one of my awesome sister in laws! She will be adding equally amazing posts on working out, craft ideas, and recipes. She is a mother of two wonderful kids. Austin is 5, and Ayla is 3. She is also a working mommy!
Let's welcome the two of them! Their amazing ideas and incite will be a wonderful addition to this ever expanding mommy blog.

The Working Mommy~ Melissa Cook

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