Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Mailboxes

Kids love getting mail and as long as the mail isn't bills, parents love mail too. Add some fun to your family communications by making a family mailbox. Great for leaving messages of encouragement, love, and support for family members. It's also a great way for kids to "vent" and get some things that may be troubling them, and are unable to express verbally of their chests. A great activity for family nights. All of the supplies for this activity can be found at your local hardware and craft store.

You will need a steel mailbox. You can purchase a regular steel mailbox at your local hardware store for around $10-$15.

Wood cut out shapes (you can find these at your local craft store) one for each member of the family.

Acrylic Paints (don't use Tempera paint.) It won't stick to the steel.

Mini Wood Clothes Pins


Paint Brushes

Markers and Pencil

Begin by having every family member choose a wood cut out shape. After they have chosen, let them decorate them with paint, or markers. (If more than one person has chosen the same shape be sure to write their names on them.)

Next using the pencil, pencil in the design for the mailbox, making sure to get everyone's input and thoughts.

Once the mailbox design is penciled in, paint over it with the acrylic paints. More than one coat may be necessary. Let dry overnight.

After the wood cut outs have completely dried, glue a small wooden clothes pin to the back.

Place the mailbox in a central location and begin leaving mail for each other. When leaving mail for a particular person in the family raise the flag and clip on their wood cut out. This gives notice that someone has mail!

This is a great and fun way to give the kids allowances, birthday cards, and small surprises. Don't forget to encourage your kids to use the mailbox when something is troubling them. Kids often have difficulty expressing themselves verbally and would feel more comfortable writing it down. Have fun with this family fun family project!

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