Monday, July 26, 2010

Time in a bottle

You can make a homemade hourglass and it can help your child visualize the concept of time. You'll need two clean and dry 8 oz plastic bottles. Pour 1/2 cup colored sand (you can find at the craft store) into a bottle. On top of one of the bottles place a two hole button that's large enough to cover the opening. Add the second bottle to the top of the button you just placed on the sand bottle. Tape the bottles together with any secure tape. Use a clock to figure out how much time is in your bottle (it should be about 10 minutes). To adjust the time peel off the tape and add more sand, and then replace with new tape. Now when you tell your child "You have 10 minutes before the bus comes", she can set her sand, and know exactly how much time she has!

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